E-commerce design and development

At MA-NO we design your e-commerce according to the needs of your business. The development of a customised e-commerce offers more freedom in relation to its design and functionalities, as well as differentiating your online shop from the competition.

We know that the whole process of creating an e-commerce is complex, we offer solutions designed specifically for your business, always wanting to facilitate the management of your online business, so you can focus only on selling your products or services.

Discover our e-commerce projects

What are the advantages of the online shop?


No geographical barriers

E-commerce stands out because it allows your company to open up to the international market. Above all, it is a great help for SMEs that want to offer their services or products at a national and international level.


Open 24 hours a day 365 days a year

There are no time constraints with e-commerce. That's why it can lead to increased sales.


Business scalability

With an online shop you can easily expand the range of products and services you offer, as well as serve a larger number of customers at the same time.


Cost reduction

E-commerce significantly reduces the costs of marketing, customer service, information processing and inventory management, among others.


Get to know your customer better

Nowadays, thanks to the data provided by users and thanks to big data, it is possible to know many more details about your customers (or potential customers) of your online shop. This allows you to tailor your product and service offerings to the interests of your customers.


Increased customer loyalty

E-commerce offers a great opportunity for customer loyalty. If your online shop offers an accessible web design, a good product or service and easy checkout processes, add to cart, payment gateways, etc., you will surely achieve greater customer loyalty.

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