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Through our SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) consultancy service for the website and the market, we generate value for our clients by getting involved with their business objectives and goals from the very beginning. We optimise your websites so that search engines index (crawl, store and retrieve) all web pages and achieve the desired positioning in search engines.

At MA-NO Web Design & Development, as an online marketing agency in Palma de Mallorca, we work on SEO positioning by carrying out actions from the website itself. We optimise the code, the loading speed, the tags and meta tags and generate quality content focused on web positioning.

The benefits to your business from Search Engine Optimization:


Promotion that doesn't sleep:

Imagine having your own marketing and promotions company working exclusively just for you! One that works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days every year. That's the benefit of SEO!


Long term positioning:

Once in place, a properly designed and optimised site should stay long term in the rankings compared to PPC where costs and outlay are ongoing and unpredictable.


High return on investment:

Pound for pound, dollar for dollar, SEO brings you a higher Return On your Investment than any comparable form of marketing.


Targeted traffic:

SEO can increase the number of visitors who are actively searching for your service or product.


Increase brand visibility:

SEO can give your brand a high international profile - and for a comparatively low outlay.


Increased accessibility:

Observing sensible optimisation procedures can make your site more accessible to all users.


Faster loading pages:

Properly validated and optimised files will be smaller and leaner, meaning less server requests/overheads and quicker download times.


Cross-browser compatibility:

A properly optimised site will be as near as possible validated to high standards. This means that it works in all browsers, meaning your site may be viewed by the greatest potential number of visitors.


More Cost-Effective:

SEO is among the most cost-effective ways of marketing.


Higher sales:

SEO can mean increased sales of your product or service.


Become highly visable to search engines:

Properly optimised, all links should function correctly and all pages should be accessible to the engines, thus making your site easy for the engines to index and correctly categorise.



Observing basic optimisation guidelines should mean that visitors have a more pleasant user experience.


SEM or Search Engine Marketing.

Most search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing,...) include 'sponsored links' in their results. These are advertisements, generally text ads, which are of the same subject matter as the words that the user searches for and that the advertiser has previously 'bought'.

It is very difficult for companies to reach all their potential customers with positioning alone, having to resort to these 'sponsored links', which are billed for each 'click' the user makes on them.

At MA-NO Web Design & Development we have a long experience in SEM and we can help you in:


In which advertising system to advertise


On which websites to advertise


Which words to 'buy'


What budget to have contar


Contents to choose


What segmentation to use

We will advise you on which product is suitable for your advertising campaign depending on the search engines where your product can have the greatest impact.

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