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Online Marketing or E-Marketing makes use of the Internet for direct marketing in order to get in touch with potential customers and build customer loyalty.
E-Marketing is an option widely used by companies to promote and disseminate their products and services

Online Marketing Services offered by MA-NO:


Search Engine Optimisation


Search Engine Marketing


Social Media Management, content marketing, etc.


Gateway SMS services


Electronic bulletins

Social Media Management

Today, the image of an institution, brand or person is no longer its own property but that of the public. - Paul Capriotti.

It is the Internet that has made corporate communication evolve, making the concepts of engagement, interactivity and personalisation a reality in the relationship between the public and the company.

With Communication 2.0, new channels of uncensored information have opened up, and we have moved from an information society to a society of interaction, with conversation now taking centre stage and leaving behind the old one-way archetype.
This more participatory communication has also changed the way we communicate. This more participatory communication has also changed the rules in the business market, global connectivity has created a new networked system where the viral grows.

What are the tools for communication 2.0?



Acronym for 'Really Simple Syndication', a format for sharing content on the web in compliance with the XML standard, without the need for a browser. This format allows the dissemination of updates of information received by subscribed users.



Blogs tend to be sources of information - often specialised - with a more accessible and flexible language. The corporate blog allows the organisation to be positioned on search engines, as well as creating a brand image.


Social Networks

Social networks have become a powerful tool for corporate communication between companies and users. They also allow you to humanise your brand and get closer to your target audience.


Social News

Through social news, relevance is given to the real-life needs, concerns and emotions of users, thus approaching a more social communication of the company.

What we offer at Ma-no Web Design & Development?

Comprehensive management in Communication 2.0, we manage the presence of your company in social networks, manage your blog, writing texts for your website or advice if you decide to do it yourself.


Comprehensive management of your presence in Social Networks and blogs


We analyse the launch times of messages.


Development of branded applications for Facebook. (Viral campaigns, not spam)


Monitoring of messages, ratings, suggestions generated on social profiles.


We send reports and statistics periodically.


Facebook marketing campaigns


We monitor the competition.


Content marketing


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